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Hot Dip Galvanising is a process developed to prevent steel from corroding. Its unique characteristics help provide a long maintenance free life for steel. Learn more here.

When designing or fabricating steel, there are often certain requirements one must consider. Hot-dip galvanised steel has its own set of design and fabrication considerations one should be familiar with before the start of the project. Incorporating the design and fabrication recommendations will help ensure the best quality coating and most successful project. The design and fabrication considerations for hot-dip galvanizing differ from other coatings, but are simple to follow once you become familiar with them. 

Whether designing a galvanized project for the first time, or the 100th time, the key component to a successful project is communication between the architect, engineer, fabricator and galvanizer. Opening the lines of communication early in the design and fabrication process can eliminate potential costly pitfalls later in the process.  A few discussion topics good to cover while the project is being designed include:

  1. Steel Chemistry & Surface Condition
  2. Size & Shape
  3. Process Temperature/Heat
  4. Venting & Drainage
  5. Welding
  6. Threaded Parts/Connections
  7. Post Galvanizing Design/Use

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coatings.

There are times when material comes in for Hot-Dip Galvanising that is contaminated with paint or grease. If the contaminants are not removed prior to galvanizing they will prevent the steel being pickled by the acid. And if material isn’t acid pickled correctly then hot dip galvanizing will not take place. 

The only way to remove contaminants prior to galvanizing is to shot blast the material. 

Shot blasting is also essential when trying to achieve a thicker galvanized coating

Once steel has been shot blasted, it is important to hot dip galvanize it as soon as possible after shot blasting to maximize its effect on coating thickness.

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